• ACiiST

    Seamless, scalable and secured IoT infrastructure technology

  • Artishok

    An autonomous workforce and workspace operating system

  • Aura

    Smart air purification and air quality management platform

  • Castory

    Automatic construction errors detection system

  • Civ Robotics

    Unmanned land surveying marking systems for the construction industry

  • EVCO

    Revolutionary shock absorbing technology

  • Flexity

    An enterprise platform for leading employee work-life balance

  • ITC

    Adaptive AI-based traffic light real-time management system

  • Livv.ai

    World’s first AI real estate expert

  • ovvio

    A productivity solution for the professional services industry

  • RoadSense

    Data collection privacy-focused device for roads, smart cities, and other public spaces

  • SoliDrip

    An irrigation system that lets plants control of how much water they get

  • Telicomm

    Enables the connectivity of thousands of cameras over cellular network

  • Vee

    Unique and simple volunteering management platform

  • Weelerz

    Weelerz is an AI-powered RV rental assistant

  • with

    Community engagement platform

  • Yafa Technologies

    An innovative compressed air-based battery technology